Teacher Center

Our Teacher Center provides a professional development hub for teachers and administrators using Graphite. Resources for integrating technology into the curriculum effectively live here, as well as advice for how to best use Graphite to find high-quality edtech for the classroom. We're growing a community of educators who can connect and share best practices. Find out how Lesson Flows, Appy Hours and our how-to videos can help you get inspired today.

Start with a Flow.

Lesson Flows

Innovating in your classroom is easy when you have the best at your fingertips.

Lesson Flows is an interactive, framework, tool, within Graphite that enables educators to seamlessly, create lesson plans that use the very best apps, websites, and games to make a customizable learning experience.

Save time and leverage our already existing Lesson Flows. Browse or create an all inclusive lesson plan, made by teachers like you that is ready to be taught in the classroom today.

Lesson Flows follow five fundamental teaching components:

The flow follows five teaching components:

  • Hook
  • Direct Instruction
  • Guided Practice
  • Independent Practice
  • Wrap Up

Lesson Flows provide the scaffolding to think with purpose about where, why, and how to integrate digital tools for learning into the curriculum.

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Appy Hours

Want to hear from teachers about the best apps, websites, and games for learning? Join us for Appy Hour, a monthly series where we discuss our favorites from Top Picks Lists, have teachers demonstrate a selection of tools, and share ideas on how to use them with students. We meet on Google Hangout on Air, which streams live on YouTube. Viewers can join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #appyhour. Since all Google Hangouts on Air are automatically archived on Youtube, they are available for viewing at any time.
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Get Started

Teachers using Graphite have the ability to rate, curate, and create. Members rate by sharing reviews called Field Notes. Field Notes are reviews of tools written by teachers and include explanations of how teachers have used them with students. Members curate by collecting and organizing content on Graphite, such as reviews, Field Notes, blog posts, and Lesson Flows onto Boards. And members can create tech-rich lesson plans called Lesson Flows which provide a framework for seamlessly integrating technology into the curriculum. These videos demonstrate how to get started using these tools today.
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