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Are you using technology in your classroom or school in innovative ways? Join the movement that is redefining how technology is empowering teachers to transform classroom learning.
Become a Graphite Certified Educator!

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Why get certified?

Our Graphite Certified Educators say the best things about being certified include:

  • Being connected to an amazing group of expert educators from across the world.
  • Helping other teachers by sharing their experiences with using tech tools in the classroom.
  • Earning incentives for their efforts and contributions on Graphite.
  • Publicly receiving the credit they deserve for their efforts.

Incentives, you say? Specifically, Graphite Certified Educators receive:

  • A $20 gift card to the iTunes App Store or Google Play to test out new digital tools.
  • Amazon gift cards in varying amounts, ranging from $10 to $50, for each piece of new content contributed (e.g., Teacher Review, Lesson Plan, blog post) or activity participated in (e.g., Twitter chat), up to $300.

Who is eligible?

In order to apply, educators must have registered on Graphite, completed a full profile, and have already created and published on Graphite a minimum of:

  • Three high-quality* Teacher Reviews
  • One high-quality* Lesson Plan

Plus, to be eligible, educators must:

  • Have a minimum of three years’ experience in an educational setting working directly with students.
  • Have excellent writing skills.
  • Currently work in a Pre-K or K-12 setting.
  • Have significant experience teaching with technology.

Experience writing reviews or blogging about kids' educational products/tech in the classroom is a plus. Applications will be reviewed by Common Sense Education staff. *Review our FAQs to learn what we mean by "high-quality" Teacher Reviews and Lesson Plans.

What do I have to do?

Once approved, over the course of 2016, Graphite Certified Educators will write at least one Lesson Plan (in addition to the Lesson Plan submitted as part of the application). Certified Educators also will engage in four of the below activities in any combination:

  • Writing a Teacher Review
  • Creating a Lesson Plan
  • Writing a blog post
  • Participating in or leading a Graphite Twitter chat
  • Posting in the Graphite community discussion forums

Educators can select the activity or activities that are most relevant and interesting to them. For each piece of new content written or activity engaged in, Certified Educators receive an Amazon gift card ranging from $10 to $50 (depending on the activity). Educators may select the same activity multiple times to meet the commitment. For instance, in addition to the required Lesson Plan, an educator can write four Teacher Reviews.

How do I apply?

To apply, you must:

  • Complete your Graphite profile with a headshot and bio.
  • Post three high-quality Teacher Reviews on Graphite.
  • Publish one Lesson Plan on Graphite.
  • Complete this application form. (Note: Your answers aren't saved if your session ends, so be sure to start the application when you have at least 15 minutes to complete it.)

Admission is rolling, so apply at any time.

"Leading and learning as a Graphite Certified Educator has provided me the opportunity to connect with other like-minded educators, strengthen my growth mindset, discover new ways to integrate technology in the classroom, and guide student learning seamlessly from one platform to the next, emphasizing flexibility, creativity, and practical application."

Tamara Letter, Graphite Certified Educator Instructional Technology Resource Teacher, Hanover County Public Schools, Ashland, VA