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STEAM Field Note Campaign

This month, we're highlighting apps, games, and websites that support science, technology, engineering, art, and math learning. How is technology supporting your teaching in these subject areas? We want to hear about it. Submit high-quality* reviews (or "Field Notes" as we like to call them) of apps, games, or websites that support STEAM learning for your students, and we'll send you an Amazon Gift Card ($10 for one Field Note, $25 for two Field Notes).

All participants with qualifying Field Notes will be entered to win an additional $200 Amazon gift card.*

Here's how to do it:

Your Field Notes will guide other teachers to successfully implement technology and help create a vibrant community. We'll be using your reviews to report on which apps, games, and websites are supporting STEAM education right now. Your Field Note could be featured in our roundup!

For more details on writing great reviews, watch this video and read this blog article.

Please help spread the word on Twitter and Facebook about this opportunity for teachers to share their successful implementations of technology in the classroom!

*Restrictions apply:

  1. Only Field Notes with concrete examples of how you're using the product in the classroom and the effect it's having will be considered for the reward and inclusion in the roundup. 
  2. Deadline for submission is Friday, February 28! 
  3. To be considered for the $10 or $25 thank you gift card and the $200 gift card drawing, you must complete this online form.

Here are a few examples of STEAM products available on Graphite that are in need of a teacher review:

Asian Art Museum
Kodu Game Lab
Mozilla Thimble
My Robot Friend
Scoot & Doodle
AC Math Codea
DIY Nano
Faces iMake
Motion Math: Pizza!
Sound Shapes
World of Goo
Autodesk Digital STEAM Visual Design
Bugs and Bubbles
Cato's Hike
Intro to Math, by Montessorium
Motion Math: Hungry Fish
The Radix Endeavor

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Lindsay Foster
Parkview Elementary School, Eagle Mount-Saginaw Independent School District

I would love to be able to review sites that aren't in the Graphite "collection." Is there a way for us to add sites that we use and the Graphite team go back and add them later? I have apps, websites and resources that aren't listed and I would love to share them with others.

Amy Wilson
Common Sense Media

Great question, Lindsay. We will be adding a feature soon that will allow Teachers to submit Field Notes for products that our editorial team hasn't reviewed yet. In the meantime, we do encourage teachers to submit products for consideration. Down below, see the link under the "Teachers" heading for "Suggest a Product for Review." Also, we just passed the "1000 products reviewed" mark and are adding new products every day, so it's always worth checking back. Thanks! - Amy

Amy Wilson
Common Sense Media

Yes. Each pair of qualifying Field Notes (all about different products) will earn you a $25 gift card.

Amy Wilson
Common Sense Media

Great question. At this time, we are able to accept Field Notes only on products that have already received an editorial review. Stay tuned for future developments to the site!