What Educators Need to Know About Technology Addiction

Common Sense examines the latest scientific research about problematic media use in our new report.
A typical teen's day includes up to nine hours of texting, gaming, watching videos, and posting on multiple social networks -- even while doing homework. It's enough to make you wonder: Are my students addicted to technology? Look around, and it's easy to see how media and technology have changed our day-to-day lives, even compared to a decade ago. We bring our devices with us everywhere and depend on them for work, school, play, and our social lives. But what are the downsides to ... read more

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On Common Sense Graphite, thousands of educators are sharing best practices in our discussion forums, creating tech-rich lesson plans, and rating and reviewing classroom tech tools. These educators know ... read more
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4 Best Storytelling Apps for Building Social Skills

Great tools for self-expression and social interaction for all kids, especially those with special needs.
Looking for ways to encourage self-expression and social interaction? Storytelling is a powerful vehicle for all kids, especially those with special needs. Special education instructor Matt Poynter has ... read more
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Great Minecraft Lesson Plans

Discover awesome, inspiring ways to use Minecraft in your classroom.
One of the reasons Minecraft has been so popular in classrooms -- beyond students just flat-out loving it -- is its versatility. Minecraft has the utility and flexibility of a learning management ... read more
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Stepping Up with the White House to Support Early STEM

New Common Sense resource collections aim to elevate the field of early STEM education and improve the access and use of edtech resources.
Common Sense Education is excited to contribute to the White House's early education initiative, specifically as it relates to engaging children in STEM experiences in critical years of their development. ... read more
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