Bringing Together All Our Great Resources Under One Name

Renaming Graphite will make it even easier to find the support you need.
Whether you're looking for tips on creating tech-rich learning opportunities in your classroom or seeking support in addressing key digital citizenship skills with students, the driving force is the same: Students need to be prepared for digital learning and life. And Common Sense Education is here to help you do just that.  We're merging Common Sense Graphite with Common Sense Education, and we will be working over the next year to bring all of our offerings together -- not only ... read more
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3 Fun Presentation Tools for End-of-Year Projects

Help students demonstrate classroom knowledge and develop design skills.
As the school year winds down, tests and final projects are looming. Class presentations can be a great way for students to synthesize knowledge, practice public speaking, and interact with their classmates. ... read more
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Creating Space for "Maker Moments"

Give your students the opportunity to tinker and invent, building real-world skills.
Despite claims made by some, the maker movement is no fad -- it's just a new name for something lots of people have been doing for a long time. I had my first "maker moment" at 4 years ... read more
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The 2016 Common Sense Media Awards Honorees

Common Sense salutes four honorees for their positive impact on kids' lives.
The 2016 Common Sense Media Awards were held in New York City on May 3. It was an incredible evening and a privilege for us to salute each of our honorees for the inspirational work they do to help kids, ... read more
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4 Tips for Meaningful Student Portfolios

Holistic portfolios allow students to showcase all the best traits and qualities of themselves.
Student portfolios (especially digital versions) are a great idea. By providing the time and the means for students to collect things that document their challenges and successes, students become more ... read more
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