Training Videos

Get inspired! Our videos can spark new ideas for how to enhance your teaching with technology. Check out the tutorials to get the lowdown on how to use features within Graphite. The edtech model videos can help inform your instructional design and pedagogy. And the best practice videos showcase exemplary teachers and how they integrate edtech in their teaching.

Graphite Tutorials

What Is Graphite?
New to Graphite? Start here.

How to Write a Field Note
Field notes are reviews written by teachers.
Submit one today!

How to Create a Board
Boards are a great way to stay organized with collections of your favorite apps, websites, and games for learning.

What Are App Flows?
Learn about a new instructional framework that shows you how to integrate technology seamlessly at the lesson planning level.

How to Create an App Flow
Learn how to redefine your lesson plans with App
Flows, and transform your teaching!

EdTech Models

Introduction to the SAMR Model
Use the SAMR model to reflect on how you're integrating technology. Is it an act of Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, or Redefinition?

Best Practice

App Flow in Action
Watch an educator using an App Flow, weaving in technology seamlessly to teach middle school students about verbs and their moods. See her App Flow here.