Common Sense Education Certified Educators: Graphite

Common Sense Education is now accepting applications from educators interested in contributing high-quality Field Notes throughout the year as members of an exceptional group we call Common Sense Education Certified Educators: Graphite. This group is composed of educators who are deeply knowledgeable about, and actively using a range of technologies with students. Ready to share valuable insights with a global audience? Apply today to be a part of this exciting program. 

"I find it so valuable to share my knowledge of technology resources because it allows me time to reflect on my usage and goals for student learning."
- Lisa LaBrake, Common Sense Education Certified Educator: Graphite

What are the criteria?

Common Sense Education Certified Educators: Graphite must meet the following criteria prior to applying:

  • Have a minimum of three years of experience in an educational setting working directly with students
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Currently work in a PreK or K through 12 setting
  • Have significant experience teaching with technology
  • Be registered on Graphite
  • Posted three Graphite Field Notes
  • Published one App Flow on Graphite

Experience writing reviews or blogging about kids’ educational products/tech in the classroom is a plus.

What are the benefits?

Beyond knowing that you’re helping teachers across the globe, perks include special badging on Graphite for instant recognition among your peers, along with a digital badge you can include in your email signature and elsewhere. You'll also be part of an extraordinary community of educators who are knowledgable about technology and teaching, and who can support you in your efforts to integrate technology at your school.

Plus, all Common Sense Education Certified Educators: Graphite will receive:

  • An upfront $25 gift card to the iTunes App Store or Google Play to test out new products
  • A $150 gift card after meeting the commitment of Field Note submissions, creating a board, and writing a blog post
  • Invitation to “certified educators only” summit 

Certified Educators may also have the opportunity to present at statewide or national conferences on behalf of Common Sense Education, with fully paid conference registration and travel. 

What is the commitment?

Over the course of 2014, all Common Sense Education Certified Educators: Graphite are expected to contribute to Graphite in the following ways:

  1. Write a minimum of seven Field Notes* and one original blog post during the calendar year
  2. Create and maintain a board of your favorite digital tools; recruit 10+ followers
  3. Complete an in-depth survey on Graphite

* Of which three products will be assigned by the Graphite team


How do I apply?

Prior to applying, you must complete your Graphite profile with a headshot and brief bio.

Once you have fulfilled criteria on the previous page, click on the apply button to the right to access the application. Your answers aren't saved if your session ends, so be sure to start the application when you have at least 15 minutes to complete it.  

Admission is rolling, so apply at any time during the 2014 calendar year.